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Safety Features


ELVi has the following multi-safety features:

Triple temperature control system

THERMISTOR : This temperature-control mechanism ensures the heat generated by ELVi is maintained constant at 42oC.

BIMETAL : Should the temperature increase beyond 42oC, the bimetal acts as a circuit breaker and shuts down ELVi to prevent damage to the skin as well as the battery, motor, and other parts of ELVi.

When ELVi is left idle (or the ion ports are left untouched) for more than 3 minutes, it automatically shuts down to prevent circuit damage and to preserve battery life.

Anti-allergy rhodium coating

ELVi’s metallic head is coated in rhodium, one of the rarest and most valuable precious metals. It is chemically inert and is more precious and durable than titanium. It has high corrosion resistance, provides even distribution of heat, and causes no adverse effect to the human body — making it the most skin-friendly metal conduit for energy, light, vibration, and iontophoresis.