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IONTOPHORESIS - Electrotherapy

IONTOPHORESIS - Electrotherapy

Microcurrent therapy for skin repair and lifting

Each tissue in the body has its own electrical frequency, which may be disrupted by injury or disease. Microcurrent therapy restores normal frequencies within the cells, resulting in remarkable reduction in pain and inflammation and an improvement in tissue function.

When it comes to skin rejuvenation, microcurrent therapy works in 2 ways with BSKIN ELVi:

(a) Muscle re-education

Also known as "facial toning", the microcurrent isolates the 32 different muscles of the face and stimulates the muscle fibres with low-level impulses to restore proper tone.

As ELVi massages the face, wrinkled and sagging muscles are lifted and stimulated. The brain senses and remembers this lifting and as the brain sends and receives more signals, the effect is re-educated, freshly-toned muscle memory. By stimulating the facial muscles, ELVi rebuilds facial structure from the inside, truly giving the face a non-invasive "lift."

(b) Microcirculation

Microcurrents improve blood circulation, product penetration and increase the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, the two most integral components of supple, firm and youthful skin. Recent studies at the University of Washington indicate that skin treated with microcurrent showed a

  • 10% increase of natural collagen production
  • 45% increase in elastin
  • 39% increase of blood circulation

all within a 20-day time period.

ELVi’s microcurrents work naturally with the body
To be effective, microcurrent impulses need to be delivered through a waveform that can overcome the body’s natural resistance to current without causing any discomfort. ELVi combines specific frequencies and shapes of the changing voltage (waveform) to have different effects on skin tissue:

Iontophoresis for better penetration
Iontophoresis simply means the transfer of ions (ionto = ion; phoresis = transfer). The ELVi uses a small electrical charge that temporarily increase skin’s permeability, allowing BSKIN products’ active ingredients to pass through what would normally be a barrier. These skin-loving actives are then delivered deep into skin, through the pores.

Dermatologists stress the effectiveness of iontophoresis (as opposed to simply putting skincare products on the skin), comparing it to the effects achieved by administering drugs by ingestion, injection, or intravenously.

ELVi is safe and painless
Normal skin can withstand 1 milliampere of electrical current per cm2, while fair skin can withstand less. ELVi’s lower treatment intensities allow for the least amount of skin resistance while achieving the greatest depth of penetration. Treatment intensities that are too high will lead to increased tissue resistance and an increased risk of blistering.

ELVi also uses constant current instead of constant voltage — so regardless of the changes that occur in terms of skin resistance, the magnitude of the applied current will not exceed the preset level to eliminate the risk of skin burn.