Marie Soh

She’s a mum-to-be, natural makeup badass and overall sweetheart who has a knack for making brides look ethereally gorgeous on their big days.

Marie Soh, who was absolutely radiant wearing loose waves and a red pout on her own recent wedding day, also happens to be a rising force on social media and was just named a new member of local magazine Female’s latest Female Collective. The one-time nurse is even planning her own line of lipsticks. However, as much as she loves makeup, the doe-eyed beauty is confident enough to step out barefaced.

“I always do it! Actually, if it’s a makeup free day, I really go makeup free. All I put on is confidence and a big smile,” says Marie.

“Today, as I was doing makeup for a client, she casually commented that my bare skin looked really good! It felt really nice to be confident of my own skin (like Alicia Keys who went sans makeup for recent public appearances!).”

Already a fan of the radiance-boosting, problem skin-soothing V Line, Marie swears by the “rich yet not heavy” products from the line that helps keep hormonal breakouts under control.

“It keeps my face nice and moisturised quickly without just sitting on my skin,” adds the multi-hyphenate entrepreneur.

With almost flawless skin and almost non-existent pores, one could even go easy on foundation and concealer to avoid looking overly dolled-up. Instead, focus on enhancing your features by using eyeliner, drawing your brows and putting on some lipstick, advises the master of natural beauty. Finally, it pays to tweak your beauty regimen for maximum results.

“You should always listen to your skin,” says Marie. “Under different climates, during different stages of your life, and when you experience varying levels of stress, your skin changes and it is important that we learn to manage it accordingly.”

Here are her ultimate final tips for faking barefaced perfection till you achieve immaculate BSKIN!

(1) Invest in a good quality foundation for that flawless canvase
(2) Take time to achieve accurate skin colour matching by testing a variety of shades or even mixing your own
(3) Spend some effort on spot concealing blemishes, discolourations and pigmentation – because they all stand out when you’re trying to achieve a natural look