Imagine waking up bleary-eyed at 7am, having to nurse a crying child while getting ready to be in front of the camera or attend business meetings, and juggling domestic duties. Welcome to a day in the life of BSKINsider Ainon Talib, a TV actress and host for Malay language channel Suria, and a social media influencer who boasts a following of over 32,000 on Instagram. That’s why the busy mum is all about fussfree, efficacious skincare that nourishes the skin and actually works.

One of her most important considerations, when it comes to skincare is the products’ “effectiveness in achieving a glowing healthy skin, because not all products actually work”. As a BSKINsider, she has been enjoying the benefits of BSKIN for the past three months, so much so that she is now confident enough to venture outside barefaced – something most of us would only dream of doing.

We chat with her on her skincare secrets, routine, and ultimately, what beauty means to her.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty, to me, equates to self-confidence. While it is partly a description of how great someone looks, to me, it is more a reflection of the person’s inner qualities. There is no point being physically beautiful in the eyes of the world but treating yourself and others with little respect and love. After all, there isn’t a universal definition of physical beauty.

Who are some beauty icons you look up to?

I would say Angelina Jolie, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. They are classic beauties who look elegant and poised with or without makeup, and as per my definition of beauty, each and every one of them have amazing hearts for they dedicate their time and effort to greater causes and are not blinded by fame and wealth.

What is one skincare product you need with you all the time?

I definitely need the BSKIN Vita Advanced Intense PAF Concentrate and both the Active Day Cream and Regenerative Night Cream from the same line. As for makeup, when I do have to put it on, would definitely be my concealer, blusher and mascara.

What is your beauty routine like?

After washing my face with the BSKIN Vita Advanced Soft Bead Cleanser, I immediately apply the remaining four steps in the range. I then wait 5-10 minutes before applying my makeup so as to ensure that the products have been properly absorbed, and also to avoid smudges when I put on my foundation or concealer.

What yardsticks do you use to judge whether a beauty product is good?

My first consideration would be how natural the product is, especially for skincare, because I have quite sensitive skin. Moreover, growing up, my mother has always been a huge advocate of natural products. This is also important because the face creates the biggest impression as we present ourselves to others, and I wouldn’t want it to be destroyed by using strong chemicals. Secondly, and most importantly, would be its effectiveness in achieving a glowing healthy skin, because not all products actually work.

What is one beauty mistake you’ve made in the past?

That would be falling asleep with heavy makeup. I definitely took advantage of my youthful and clear skin then, until my skin decided to teach me a lesson with blocked pores and massive pimples. Speaking of pimples, another grave mistake I used to make was using my restless fingers to squeeze and flatten my pimples, leaving acne scars.

What is one product you would recommend to everyone?

I would recommend the entire BSKIN Vita Advanced range, but if I had to choose one product from the range, it would definitely be the Intense PAF concentrate. Besides of its high Vitamin C content, I think it is one product that truly unleashes the glowing radiance we so desire.

What beauty advice did you grow up with (if any)? Would you give your daughter this same advice?

I was told to always moisturise my skin and to start and continue using sunblock from a young age, and to not wait till we’re much older to care for our skin. So it’s never too early to take care of ourselves.

You have a toddler. What advice would you give to new mums who are also struggling to juggle taking care of their children and having enough time for themselves?

I would say it is okay to look and feel like a mess for the first couple of weeks. It is the least of your priorities to look great while trying to be emotionally and mentally stable with the lack of sleep, the adjustments, and changes in your life. However, it is also okay to hand the baby to someone else and take that long hot shower, wash and blow your hair, care for your skin and nails while you rest. A happy and well-rested mummy would lead to a happy baby – tell your hubby this so he won’t be stuck with a crying baby and mother.