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BSKIN Brand Ambassador

BSKIN Brand Ambassador


Su-Mae is BSKIN's international brand ambassador. She's not an actress, model, or celebrity. She does however embody the modern skincare consumer who seeks a smart, fuss-free skincare regimen that truly delivers results. Someone who no longer allows herself to spend hours and dollars on false hopes, but a beauty regimen that suits her lifestyle and transforms her skin.

A former lawyer, Su-Mae was picky about what products she used on her skin. She was skeptical about products that promised perfect skin overnight, but often found herself buying them anyway in an endless bid to achieve balanced, healthy skin.

"Having suffered from bouts of acne since young, and particularly bad skin when I was working long hours as a lawyer, I would purchase the latest products I read about online or in magazines. Most weren't suitable for my skin type and didn't give me the results they promised. Each time I was left disappointed I would tell myself - well it's probably because my skin's so bad it's beyond hope." says Su-Mae.

With a long-established family business which specialises in natural bee wellness products, Su-Mae got roped in to help develop and test out their newest skincare line. She was given the opportunity to work with the top skin scientists and skincare manufacturers in Korea to develop a revolutionary skincare brand - BSKIN. Rigorously testing and trying each and product to ensure the perfect texture, scent, quality and results, Su-Mae collaborated with the BSKIN team on innovating skincare technology. And having created hero product lines for renowned Korean beauty brands, the BSKIN team was poised to deliver.

"I was the brand's biggest detractor at the start of this journey. How good a range of skincare could we really create? For months, I tested out heaps of sample formulations – some wrecked havoc on my skin and others showed middling results. Formulating skincare just isn't about throwing hundreds of star ingredients together and hoping it'll be an elixir. When we finally hit upon our winning formulations and I experienced great results firsthand, I was sold. Yes I had to eat my words and admit that we had an incredible skincare line on our hands, but hey I got great skin in exchange!"

"Beyond simply making beauty my business, I am an actual consumer with real skincare demands, and who has experienced real results."

Su-Mae is also Key Leader for Regional Marketing for the HDI family of companies, and this job requires her to take an average of 8 to 10 flights a week. The changes in climate and the dryness of the airplane air is something which she feels affects her skin. BSKIN has helped greatly in ensuring her skin is always balanced, hydrated and well taken care of.


V3. Intense PAF Concentrate

"This cleared my troubled, blotchy skin in 2 weeks and really evened out my skin tone. It also helped to smoothen out the fine lines on my forehead and my stubborn laugh lines"


"I've never had the patience to consistently use any skincare device – but ELVi is so simple to use, so relaxing and takes up so little of my time that I use it faithfully every day."