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6CORE Anti-oxidant System

6CORE Anti-oxidant System

Why are anti-oxidants the holy grail of skincare ?

Pollution, stress, and lack of sleep result in dull skin, fine lines and other signs of aging caused by oxidation and free radicals. Anti-oxidants are vital in preventing stress to cells and repairing damage that comes from oxidation. But not all anti-oxidant skincare are made the same.

BSKIN’s 6CORE Anti-Oxidant System is a revolutionary anti-oxidant system created by Dr. Moh and Dr. Jang from South Korea, who are experts in nanotechnology, microbiology and ceuticalogy, respectively.

Five types of anti-oxidants were picked and combined to form BSKIN’s 6CORE Anti-oxidant System, according to the following criteria:

  • The right molecular size to penetrate skin
  • Specific plant-based compounds - pea phyto-placenta extract, asparagus extract, broccoli extract and 7B complex - which were proven to contain high concentrations of anti-oxidants
  • The right combination of anti-oxidants, each chosen to perform a specialized function
  • A stable and synergistic formulation such that no ingredient would cancel out the benefits of another
  • A metabolisation process that further breaks down plant-based compounds for rapid absorption, and release skin-boosting amino acids


Beyond anti-oxidant properties, BSKIN’s revolutionary 6CORE Anti-oxidant System is further enhanced by apitherapy, or bee therapy, leveraging on its parent company HDI’s history and heritage in bee-based products. The extracts of the finest bee-based ingredients were mixed with pure natural Jeju spring water to create a cutting-edge, proprietary ingredient - B-Complex water, or B2O.

"Working on BSKIN has finally given us the freedom to push the limits of skincare and ingredient technology. In developing BSKIN, we have managed to surpass our own expectations in creating unique formulations that have shown incredible effectiveness."

Dr. Moh, Chief Researcher
(Nanotechnology, Sung University)

"BSKIN’s core system is designed based on my own personal belief – to gather nature’s most effective anti-oxidant ingredients and to combine them in such a manner that would create harmony, balance and synergy among them.

It is as much science as it is an art and we have had to be very mindful of how the ingredients interact with one another, not just at the formulation stage, but also when testing the overall effect on the skin. Every single detail - texture, fragrance, quality control, stability, efficacy, has been rigorously tested and graded in order to meet our own exacting standards.

Dr. Jang, Chief Scientist
(Microbiology, Seoul University).