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Smart Packaging

Smart Packaging

Clean, simple, minimalist.

BSKIN’s packaging doesn’t just look good, it is thoughtfully conceived to maximise the efficacy of our products.

Each BSKIN product has been specifically packaged in a container designed for it :

  • Airless pump bottles keep the products pure by protecting them from excess exposure to air
  • Spatulas allow for small amounts of cream to be removed from jars without contamination
  • Pipette applicators allow for hygienic and targeted application of serums and help avoid wastage
  • A special twist-to-click mechanism guards against spillage.

A unique BSKIN Line Indication System can be found on our durable, scratch-proof packaging to ensure that :

  • You know the product’s target goal, step number and formulation type at a glance
  • You know the precise active, main and core ingredients in each product
  • You know how these ingredients work together to achieve your desired results
  • You have specially-designed collectible information cards to keep track of the products and their application techniques